Friday, April 23, 2010

KTB Products for OTR Tires

HSM TIRE Co. is proud to announce that it has teamed up with KTB Products to market and distribute its full line of products including the their KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube product. This product has been successfully used in the market place for the past 40 years and is the only product of its kind that is approved for use by the EPA’s “Design for the Environment” program.

In its simplest form the product is a non-fibrous liquid that is added to the air chamber and acts as a “Rust Eliminator and Lube”, that when used, impacts tire and rim maintenance on several different levels.
KTB’s primary focus is to act as a rust inhibitor that prevents rust from building up on any part of the rim by forming a protective coating for the steel. KTB can also be used on rims with rust build-up and over time will clean the existing rust formation by simply washing it away during operation. With the use of the Rust Eliminator and Lube end-users can eliminate the added cost and downtime of constant rim clean up and re-painting as well as having to replace a rim in its entirety.

Very popularly used as a preventative maintenance method, KTB RE&L is well known for reducing tire failures through improved air retention by acting as a sealant for vent/rim leaks, pinholes, and liner cracking. This quick sealing action combats against under inflation and allows for the units to remain in operation avoiding unnecessary downtime.

KTB also plays a very important role in maintaining a consistent running temperature in your OTR tires. The fluid is formulated in a way that it holds an absorbent heat function and acts as an agent for heat transfer to cooler areas of the tire.

In addition to the abovementioned functions, KTB RE&L also allows for an increased “ease of use” around the tire yard. When using the product it also acts as an excellent lubricant that makes mounting and dismounting tires a far faster and safer process, which in turn reduces the downtime and labor costs significantly. While mounting tires, KTB RE&L helps the O-Ring sit and seal properly avoiding any air leakage and potential loss of air pressure in operation.

As safety remains one of the highest priorities to Mining companies they can be assured that KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube will help increase operational safety for your tire handlers and OTR maintenance crew while performing maintenance procedures on both tires and rims.

KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube can be customized to fit every operating condition out there. It is important to have an understanding of how a product like this reacts in certain conditions. KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube is offered in:

Ultra High Performance Blend – For use in extreme heat or extreme cold to combat freezing or evaporation/boiling
High Performance Blend – For use in above average heat or cold
Standard Blend – For use where ambient temperatures remain consistently mild (if either heat or cold are not an issue in operation


  • Tires run cooler to extend tread life by reducing heat build-up
  • Increases casing life – providing increased re-treadability and longer lasting re-treads
  • Maintains air pressure – keeps bead area pliable and helps stop dry rot
  • Eliminates rust on rims
  • Helps detect valve and tire damage and rim cracks
  • Lubricates for perfect seat when remounting tires and quick tire removal
  • Tire changer friendly – repairing tire made easier
  • Recap shop friendly – cleans out in seconds with a wet vac
  • Will NOT block valve stem
  • Does NOT freeze
  • Protects very expensive tire/equipment investments

There is an array of products that are similar to KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube available to the larger mining industry. It must be strongly noted that KTB Rust Eliminator and Lube is the ONLY product within its peer group that possesses the approval of the United States Environmental Protection Agency as well as the ”Designed for the Environment” label which indicates the product is actually safe for the environment (see environmental section).

While many MSDS reports may look similiar when put in comparison, it is the environmental certification of KTB’s product that puts it above the competition. There are reasons why KTB is the only of its kind to be approved, and many of those reasons stem from competitors not exercising full environmental stewardship (see environmental section for technical explanation).

Gaining the EPA approval has forced KTB Products Corporation to sacrifice certain financial gains (investment into specific classes of raw materials),but, KTB has made the investment to ensure its product will NOT contaminate land, water, wildlife, surrounding environment, or humans coming into contact with it.

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