Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pulsar MineTrac Mining Tire Solution

HSM Mining Solutions utilizes the latest analytical technologies to evaluate the current state of the mining operation and how it can be made more efficient. With use of the ”Pulsar MineTrac” our technical team is able to run real-time haul road analysis, target real-time critical forces affecting tires, haul road condition/tire life correlations, overall operations management, and most importantly we are able to utilize the data gathered to ensure issues are addressed before they become problems.

As market dynamics continue to push toward maximizing efficiency and achieving optimal production levels, HSM Mining Solutions has been formed to assist the increasing demand for world-class technical service as well as expansive mine consulting with a focus on SAVING MONEY. HSM Mining Solutions is a company whose primary function is to aid end-users in creating a streamlined mining operation in effort to continually increase the bottom line. Built on the foundation of ”Creating Value Through Increased Awareness” our team works closely with Mine Management to create a cohesive operation by way of setting goals and objectives with specific purposes.

Available for periodic consulting visits or full service contracting, the HSM Mining Solutions team is focused on creating the best tire management program that is designed for YOUR specific site. Tire culture remains a mainstay at the forefront of our mission and we understand that in order to maximize efficiency mining companies must be aware of how separate operating units affect the bottom line.



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